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On attraction spells

Thousands of years people have had the thought of resorting to some powers to get a loved (and sometimes not really loved) person into their undivided possession. And judging by the amount of such offers available even today, the interest in attraction spells has not subsided. Perhaps, you clicked on this title driven by the desire for mutual love or affection or of getting back the love of a dear per-son.

So, let us see if it is the only (and the best) solution in your case.

Answer the question – what kind of people do you like? Beautiful, strong, rich, energetic and prosperous or bleak, listless and boring? What makes a person "shine" from the inside, be happy, healthy and interesting to those around? Freedom, internal power, energy and love for life.

Well, attraction spells are not about it. Not at all. Attraction spells do not presuppose the freedom of choice. Attraction spells are about violence, attachment and the desire to secure the love of a person against his or her will and, basically, put them in a cage of sorts. It is a quick, (relatively) cheap way to tie a person that you like to yourself.  It is the unwillingness to do something yourself (we don't take into account numerous visits to cemeteries, cross-roads and hereditary fortune-tellers). Being doomed for eternal love, even if it is the love of the most beautiful girl or the best guy, is very sad and depressing.

At this point, our rational readers (mostly men) usually purse their mouth in disgust and say that things like that don't exist. 

Four times in my practice I have dealt with attraction spells as they are (with all the necessary attributes). Writing notes in the middle school and lighting a candle for the 4th-year economics student Ivan B. as my girlfriend did, do not count. Those were 4 very different cases and each of them had plot worthy of some middle tier award for a social drama with a bright beginning, average middle part, boring in its predictability turning point and not a happy ending.  If your ideal scenario of happy family life is like that, then feel free to experiment. Marriage of my client, who in the early 2000s tied the knot with a promising guy who had a wide neck and broken ears, started with buying a coffee-hued Mercedes coupe, then continued with throwing her suits out of the window of their apartment in central Kyiv and ended with a broken nose and 2 years of divorce proceedings. The client is still attractive after a successful rhinoplasty. The husband of my college classmate – a bright, beautiful guy with a sense of humor (a bit soft, but for Sasha with her persistent approach to business and sharp mind it was exactly what she needed from her words), in 5 years turned into a poster child for a crude joke which says that predators don't mate in captivity – he put on weight from endless lying on his couch and playing computer games. Sasha has made a brilliant career at an international bank and feels great in extensive business trips across CIS countries. They don't see each other very often. Today Sasha is a fit attractive cougar who has an official husband – there he is on the couch behind his laptop. She is not very much concerned about the broken fate of her husband and his unwillingness to live a full life or, at least, to take a shower and brush his teeth. I will not be telling the story of another client, who completed 5 years of therapy because of a relationship with a married man – it is lacking originality. The question of "why doesn't he get a divorce" is one of the most popular ones that Tarot readers get.

To conclude, attraction spells don't normally bring the desired result of happiness, even if they bring you "the one" against their will. Women also fall victim to this fast technology.

Attraction spells are always based on coercion and it does not matter whether you apply them "justifiably" on your own husband who is cheating or "just for fun" and practice on your college classmate. In a moment of despair, we all think that "it doesn't matter as long as this person is with me". But when the despair dies down, do you want to spend the rest of your life not knowing for sure whether you are loved or just tied to someone who has never had a choice to make his or her decision?

When we decide to go ahead with attraction spell, blinded by desperation or passion, we discard other, probably, more acceptable scenarios of how our fate can go, depriving ourselves primarily of normal life and love.

The Universe loves balance and it might be an unexpected turn that the attraction spells work both sides: you are also got bond to the person, and the bondages aren’t easy to broke.

The good news is that there are other ways to achieve what we want. Ways that don't require "saturation bombing" or condemning ourselves and the other person for a painful long-term relationship.

As it proved, the thought of attraction spells most often comes to mind in three cases – desperate love, desperate bitterness or lucre. I am not a judge of the morality of your desires or lack thereof, I crave to understand the aim and help to achieve it – the self-serving desire to own this specific "object" is as justified as desperate love.

If unrequited love and passion, the desire "to be with him or her no matter what" made you think of attraction spells, then let us not break the situation and a person's will (nobody tends to like broken toys) but sort the situation out instead. As Strugatsky brothers wrote, "take the picture of the world and calmly look what's what". We find out what attracts the person we love, what archetype they are and what traits they look for in a partner. Then, we identify which of the traits you have and which, and how, you can develop. You will be surprised to learn how often just by changing your behavior or accentuating certain strengths, we can win the love of another person and be sure that the love is genuine and not a product of some witchcraft. Besides, new skills and traits you will acquire in the process, will definitely expand your own "tool set", which can later be successfully used in other areas of your life. You will become stronger, more confident and you will be loved. Isn't it a much better alternative than doubting yourself and worrying that the "magic" dispells?

If your interest in a partner is dictated by aims that are more egotistical, be it "the pursuit" and the desire to get the best man around or the materialistic desire to get their power and resources, then let us first have a closer look at what is better for you – being with or without that person? Engrossed by the pursuit, we sometimes overlook other options, focusing on one thing only. Cards can help restore the balance and show us the full picture. What if the path you have chosen is more winded than it could have been or achieving the aim will result in unexpected consequences? Yet, if your choice is right and the path is the shortest, I would recommend that we develop an effective "natural" strategy together. At least because an attraction spell, like any other forced "rocking" of the Universe for your benefit, always brings a negative "makeweight", with which the reality restores the balance lost. To a certain extent, using attraction spells where you can do with your own resources is like using a nuclear bomb to fight cockroaches – it might be effective, but do you need that fallout?

Of course, circumstances vary, and the above described scenarios are only two of many possible. One way or another, before you start looking for ways to break the will of your loved one and bring them to you on a leash, let us first look at the consequences, alternatives and possibilities that you may not be seeing as yet, and then decide whether you need to go for the attraction spell.

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