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During consultations I choose the tools based on specific inquiries of a client.  Each case is a new story.

I most frequently consult my clients on business matters, private relationships and finding solutions to various life situations.

Tarot is really helpful when you need to get ready for important negotiations or interview; reveal ulterior motives in the behaviour of your life or work partner; find out how dear people or colleagues see you; analyze possible outcomes of possible decisions or shed light on genuine desires and motives of a loved one.

I work with the following topics:

  • Business and personal partnerships
  • Negotiation strategies (what to expect, possible scenarios and how to prepare for them)
  • Money and money relations – possible blocs, how to work and get the resources
  • Individual image – how others see us (partner/boss/friends/potential employer), their expectations, doubts and prospects
  • Finding your own way, overcoming internal crisis and achieving positive internal transformations

What is the duration of a consultation?

A consultation lasts up to 1.5 hours.

How to get ready for a consultation?

Before the consultation we decide on the topics and details of our meeting over the phone. For the consultation to go as productively as possible, I will ask you to think over issues you are most interested in and put them down. This will help us focus on the most relevant items.

What does a consultation look like?

Firstly, we determine the aim of our meeting and the result you want to achieve. Depending on the key issues and type of conversation, I choose the most appropriate deck of cards. I will then layout the cards and interpret the answers. Basically, it is an enjoyable conversation of three, where cards are the third participant and a wise advisor.

Where do I have my consultations?

I hold online as well as offline consultations – at my office in Kyiv, in the Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota) neighbourhood.

What are the topics that I do not work with?

I do not work with matters of health – it is the priority of various specialists with medical degrees. If during a consultation we come to discuss topics that lie outside my competence (psychological issues, legal issues etc.), I will tell you about it straight up.

What is the price of a consultation?

Your first consultation costs $45, all the subsequent ones are $35, regardless of the topic we are working on.

How to book a consultation?

To book a consultation call or message us at  +38 097 777 5317, or mail at urbantarot@gmail.com.

Book a consultation
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+38 (097) 777 53 17
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Book a consultation

Book a consultation:

+38 (097) 777 53 17
Viber, WhatsApp

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