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Money and limiting beliefs

It is hard to find someone who has never dreamt of having a luxury car, a yacht, a nice house or an impressive bank account. However, quite often, the desire is accompanied with fear, feeling of shame and guilt. Money is evil and it cannot buy happiness. Sounds familiar?

It so happened that we, at least most of us, were born in a country with many centuries of deeply-rooted hostility towards fortune and wealth. Unlike our Western neighbors, known for their Protestant hard work, frugality, admiration of entrepreneurial talents and success, we have for centuries identified money, wealth and luxury with evil, lust, deceit and other, perhaps desired, but re-proachable and contemptible traits. Who has not heard the Biblical aphorism that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? Laid down and nurtured by the Orthodox faith, contempt and fear of wealth have for centuries been encoded into our genetic memory and then, inadvertently, they became a fertile field for ideas and actions brought to our country by the Soviet Union.

While for our grand grandparents wealth was sinful and shameful, for our grandparents it was literal danger – if you were even slightly more successful and wealthier than others, then you were a kulak, an enemy of the people and could be persecuted, deprived of everything, then exiled god knows where and even killed. Our parents inherited those fears and added their own on top, which come from the nineties – "save or not save – it will all collapse one day", "you can get rich only by killing and deceiving", "if a person owns an SUV, he is definitely a bandit". We absorbed and stored these and many other beliefs inside of us like a sponge. And now these limiting beliefs stand between us and the desired yacht, causing the same feelings of shame, fear or guilt. 

But we are grown-ups and we can form our beliefs. As far as the inherited beliefs go – we can unearth them and check for usefulness. Certainly, it is more complicated than finding and throwing away expired medications from granny’s medicine box, but equally as important for our health and welfare. 

When my clients aspire to become successful and prosperous, at first, I help them dig up and throw away the stereotypes and fears that keep them from moving towards the aim. Tarot as a wise advisor helps us identify the directions worth taking once the hurdles have been eliminated. 

Thus, if deep inside you feel the echo of sentiments like "money can't buy health", "wealth only brings misery and problems", "I will have to sacrifice my relationship with my family" or "all the rich are bandits and thieves", only then we will work on those beliefs together and you will see how much reality can change following changes in your mindset.

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