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Energy, responsibilities and debts

The quarantine which will may last for God knows how long for me and many of my acquaintances became a great acid test for strength of character, maximum weight that we can shoulder, inner discipline and the will to finish what we started. On the one hand, many of my clients and friends felt inspired – they finally had the much-desired freedom to wear sweatpants all day long, work from their kitchens, and jump into the depth of on-line courses and master classes. On the other hand, everyone has probably noticed that they started losing energy and getting tired much faster. And it is not only about being in the confined space of our apartments.

It is first and foremost about us. Unfinished business, books that we start and don't finish, on-line courses, promises made to relatives, plans to eat healthier "come Monday", gym membership bought and not used, loans or debts not paid – these not immediately apparent things constantly eat up our energy. 

Afford some time for yourself, sit down and write down all your "debts". "Officially" give up on books, TV shows or learning courses that you are not going to finish.  Figure out what it is exactly that prevents you from fulfilling your promises to loved ones. Make a plan of all the things you want to complete. Finishing what you have started is very important. This helps focus on your aim, reduce fuss and "moral debts" and, consequently, significantly increases your energy and makes your life much happier and more conscious.

Your finances play an extremely important role here. My experience tells me that even if creditors forgive us our debts, the Universe still demands balance – and gets it. The shortest and most reliable way to become poor is not to return debts and not to pay back loans. It is a sure way to lose not only friends and sense of security – it is how we lose a fruitful connection with the world. That is why even if your financial "debts" feel unmanageable, put everything down, compile at least a tentative plan with deadlines and steps, and inform those you owe about them. You will be surprised, but as soon as you formulate a clear plan, money will come, even more, you will fill that it came "by itself".

Let your living space be a powerful "source of energy" not a "sieve" full of holes where your energy flees. But if you are not sure what is taking away your energy, let us find the weak points together and Tarot will tell us how to turn them into points of strength.

Take care of yourself.

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