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Toward the career of dreams

— Which road do I take?

— Where do you want to go? — the Cat responded.

— I don't know — Alice answered.

— Then it doesn't matter which path you take, — the Cat said.

 Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

This famous excerpt from Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful illustration for the starting point on the way to a career of our dreams. When you want "to build a career" or "achieve success at work", what is your destination point? Have you ever thought what "success at work" means to you? Position of division manager or head of corporation? A top position in an international company or running your own small business? Or your own big business? Or, maybe, deep inside you know it is your mother who demands a successful career from you, and you would like to do something creative or be a homemaker?

My friends and clients often come to ask for my advice about career growth. Not rarely, they are at the start of their career or reach a turning point, when they decide which route to take and which opportunity to choose. Every time our starting point means stopping, calming down and listening to yourself. Giving honest answers to the questions – what can I do? what do I really want? and, what is also important, what am I ready to do for it?  You need to formulate, as accurately as possible, where you are going and what specific effort and sacrifice – of time, health, money and relationships – you are willing to take for your dream, and which ones are out of the picture, no matter the goal.

The universal character of Tarot lies primarily in the fact that we can talk to them and ask them questions which we sometimes can't or are afraid to ask ourselves. What are my goals? What do I want? Am I a loser incapable of self-control or do I live in harmony with myself and the world and refuse to succumb to the global race and fuss? It is very important to find your social role – am I the Empress (mother, wife, homemaker, taking care of my home, who enjoys the everyday routine and cooking dinners for my family) or am I the Queen of Swords, ironic, intelligent, harsh and calculating, pursuing her own goals and interests first? What is most wonderful, is that you can be both and combine the qualities of all the suits (as in a perfect scenario). The most important thing is clear understanding of your role, motives and desires.

In moments like this Tarot can become a great advisor in revealing those sides of your potential and objectives which you may have not noticed and offer a much-needed look from the outside.

What will happen if you take this path? Are you predisposed to this sphere? What will this or that choice bring and what are the things you don't know about the position you are being offered?

Let us find the answers together.

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